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Travel | Mozambique, Academia en Afrique: This is an adventure blog that catalogues the travels of my time in Africa as a student researcher who is new to this wild continent.  I conduct interviews for a thesis dissertation in both Nampula and Tete provinces which is in Mozambique.  This is my weekly diaries of this mysterious geography where I believe a willing heart, a sober consciousness, and a desire for knowledge will lead me home.  Wherever that might be.

Enjoying an Americano, a common occurence for travels.
Enjoying an Americano, a common occurence for travels.

I am a Masters student with a specialty in International Affairs. I read Kierkegaard, Dostoyevsky, as well as, Ian McEwan, T.S. Eliot, and Henry James, among many others.  Please feel free to contact me at: vesper.academia@gmail.com





My travels have consisted of journeys across four continents and over 21 countries or independent territories, such as South Africa, Madagascar, Botswana, Taiwan, Thailand, China, France, Republic of Ireland, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Grand Cayman Isles, and the Dominican Republic.  I am committed not just to travel, but learning how people around the globe survive, communicate and understand the world around them.



4 thoughts on “About the Writer”

  1. Thank you for following NotebookM and for liking my post on Chinese humor. Your site is both interesting and attractive. Keep up the good work. I noticed you fret over racism. Sometimes it is best to operate from the premise that we are all racists — which I’m pretty certain we are — and then hope and work for the best.

  2. Lanny – that is an interesting perspective. I definitely do not like the complacency of accepting the racist premise, however I will concede that more people than care to admit it are racist. Regardless, racism is out in the open here in Nacala and throughout other areas in Africa that I have travelled (and I do not think it is better to be in the open). Instead of ‘hoping,’ I’d rather work through it with dialogue which is one of the only ways people can begin to understand why such prejudices, hatred, and discrimination exist. Even in acknowledging these lines that divide us, we need to go further…I will probably never stop ‘fretting’ as you say, because it is not going away any time soon. Needs to continually be dealt with.

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